Happy June First From Austin! My Mom and I drove from Houston to Austin yesterday.

I'm here to officially tell you (although, this will come as no surprise) Austin is WAY cooler than Houston.

Yesterday we took our time hitting the road at a leisurely pace. We had coffee and food truck snacks. So yummy.


The roadtrip wasn't bad either. It was way more scenic than I imagined. Lots of wildflowers in fields. Lots if cool looking antique shops. Pleasant surprise.


Once the hugs and squeals were complete we went into town for some thrift shopping. Because obviously that's the first thing that needs to happen when you have a friendship reunion!


There were patio drinks....on really cute patios. There was a healthful trendy dinner. There was also some bat watching. We'll revisit that later.


Segue way to this morning. I'm drinking black coffee on a lovely breezy patio.


The coffee is black because I begin an intense food regimen this morning. It's June First. So begins the sugar-detox and also the Whole30. Wish me luck for the next 30 days. I think I might need it.