Apparently, the car wash makes me...

...wet my pants (or these days almost wet my pants)... I really don't remember what car I was in - or which parent I was with - but I distinctly remember wetting my pants in the car wash as a kid.

I remember the brushes came down and started doing their thing...but the car started to shake.  This CRACKED me up.  I started laughing hysterically and subsequently wet my pants.

(Mind you its not uncommon for me to laugh hysterically and then wet my pants.)

Except now that I'm an adult I find that I need to stay busy in the car wash.  Otherwise, I immediately feel a bout of the giggles coming on.

If you asked me to pinpoint what I find funny about the entire thing I could NOT tell you.  I have NO CLUE.

Yesterday, the sun was shining and my car wash turned into a disco light show.  At times, it was colorful and sudsy at other times, dark and primordial oozy.  Either way, it was a psychedelic experience.

I drove out of that car wash in a rush to get home because I had to pee really bad!  Thank goodness I had my iPhone camera to help fend off the giggles and prevent pant wetting!

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Between Mummikins being in town...and then my recovery from having Mummikins in town...I needed a bit of a blog break!  Let me welcome myself back:  Welcome Back Me!