Autumnal Equinox 2017

I don't totally know what compels me to do so but, I always feel like I need to check in with the blog when the sun marks the change of seasons.

Fall is here.  Hurrah.  It felt like the never ending spring and summer.  

I'm at home in Hilo.  The leaves aren't changing.  The air isn't crisp.  I haven't seen a pumpkin.  

I'm measuring the seasons in sailing schedules these days.  My shipping season is winding down.  I took a long break this season which means I'll have to work more this winter.  Pros and Cons.  Always.  For now I'm home.  Thats a Pro.  Always.

Here's what my September 21st looked like.


Screenshots from the interwebs.  A mostly put together house.  A cozy bed.  All filtered with 'September' from the A Color Story app.  If you can't figure out why I chose 'September' I can't help you.

I've been listening to this song on repeat this morning.


I'm okay with who I am today.