I've been in a bit of a funk. I decided I needed a bit of a creative project so, I started taking a picture every day highlighting some of the colors I see. It's similar to what I did previously with a daily photo of my morning, evening and afternoon. 

Once I got started, a gauntlet was thrown down.  Don't use the same color twice. This means I'm naming my colors. It's all Benjamin Moore - Behr Paint names around here!  Ha! 

I didn't really consider how monochromatic the Arctic can be when I started. Lots of green, grey, blues.....with lots of rust on the boats!  I'm on Day 8 and it's already proven to be more challenging than I expected!

Challenging but fun.  


Here's a little sample of what I've got so far! 

If you wanna follow along you can find them on Instagram / Twitter - @nautiemermate - they go to FB too - Megan the Nautie Mermate.  

I'll try to post some here as I go along too.