Arctic Happenings

Up in the Arctic...there aren't too many happenings.  Here's a little peak at what amounts to happenings these days. 


Big into the matcha these days. It's like sipping green goodness. I'm calling it tugboat hygge.  I also just officially made sipping tea a 'happening' so, now you know what we're dealing with here.  


Who knew that mosquitos were such a thing in the Arctic. I grew up in the tropics and I have never....I mean never ever ever....seen swarms of mosquitos like these. Look at this spider web!  


Clouds. They're gorgeous. So is that long low ground swell that really packed a punch. 


We had a little 'incident'. A 'smell' was detected in the freezer. Turns out the air was unable to circulate around the boxes of meat and we had a bunch of chicken....and sadly some sirloin steaks....thaw and begin to rot.  I had to individually cut open each piece of vacuum sealed meat and throw it over the side. Totally gross.  The seagulls strangely didn't touch the sirloin but went to town on the chicken. I shared it in my Instagram stories. If you don't go there you should. I share tons on Instagram. #justsayin


There's been tons of dirt moving. Because that's what we do up here. There's been tons of sunshine. Because it's the Arctic, yo. 

Thats a wrap. Maybe there will be more of this to come. Also, fair warning. There might be some feelings getting shared. I've been saving them up. :)