M.L.I.S.W :: Milk in the Shower


I walked by one of the common heads and one of my boat mates points to the shower and says 'that's not right'. I look in and sure enough there's white liquid sloshing around. I say, 'nooope. Not right. Pretty sure that's milk in the shower.'   

**flash to earlier in the day** 

Captain: the fridge has a smell

Me: I know!!!!! I smelled it! It's gross! I looked around but I couldn't find what stunk.

-30 minutes later-

Cook: Megan?

Me: Yes?

Cook: Does the fridge smell?

Me: Yes.

Cook:  Okay. Maybe some milk spilled....


**flash to present** 


Hmmmmm....I wonder where all that milk ended up....Hahahahhaa!