It Takes a Village

Ni'ihau and a Rainbow

I'm gone from home a lot.  Maybe even a little more than the average sailor.  I rarely turn down work (this is a good and a bad thing).  While I'm away from home I have a whole bunch of people who help me.  My Mom, she takes care of a lot of my bills that come in the mail.  I have a 'mail lady'.  She'll scan things to me if they look important and she forwards things that need to be handled to my Mom.  I have someone who helps me keep up my house.  I have a lawn service.  I have friends who message me when I'm gone.  

I recently got called to work for a short trip.  It was unexpected but I didn't mind going because it was only supposed to be for three weeks.

I show up to the boat - and I learn that there wasn't any internet.  I was furious.

I know how that makes me sound.  Pre-Madonna Sailor?!  Spoiled Brat?!  First World Crybaby?!

Here's the thing, I haven't been on a boat that didn't have internet - even just the slowest connection ever to be able to check email.  My life wasn't set up to be away from the internet.  I was hoping to be able to transfer money from account to account, check email, and I mean lets be to instagram...

While I knew I had a bunch of people who helped me when I was gone I never realized what a village I had.  It was an eye opener.  I didn't realize how much got done for me and how much I was supported.  

My cousin immediately got the logins to all my email accounts so that she could deal with important things as they popped up.  

My friend immediately was the contact person for all things house related (I rent it out as a vacation rental).  

My Mom was more on point with finances than ever before.  I am in the middle of a construction project - she was now responsible for paying the workers on Fridays.

My three week trip ended a bit early - so work was kind enough to fly to me a training on the Mainland two days later *eye roll*.

A whole new round of support was required.  My Mom came over to help me pack - and approve outfits - obviously.  I had zero food in the fridge but it was silly to buy some.  Aunties and Uncles hosted me for dinners.  I needed pick ups at the airport.  I needed drop offs at the airport.  I needed someone to watch my car.

I've been home for four days and I leave again in two.  It's moderately stressful.  Except, I have a village, and they've got my back.

Thank you.  All of you.  I couldn't do it without you.  I wouldn't even want to.