My 'cousin' Kristi

October 11th to December 21st.  Shit.

I got this message from my Cousin Kristi today:  Megan, you've been home for over a week and no drunk blogs yet?  I hope all is well...

She knows me too well.

Obviously.  I'm drunk now.  She also wasn't wrong....I had been drunk before...I thought about blogging and then opted out...

Here's the back story on Kristi.

I have three older boy cousins - I literally call them my 'boy cousins'.  At age 12 it went like this:  Keith 14, Colin 16, Greg 18.  I spent my summers in British Columbia my whole life...well from age, I visit when I can...which if I say so myself is LOTS.  When I was growing up I stayed at my 'boy cousins house'.

Kristi started dating Colin (middle boy cousin) when I was 13.  To my 13 year old mind - she was cool as fuck.

Kristi comes from a good family,  It's also a big family.  Also, Kristi is just a nice girl.  Granted, she's like most nice girls (ahem, like me!) in that, she's nice until you get to know her and then she's just REAL (ahem...maybe also called a bitch!  Like me!).

Colin didn't give two shits about me growing up.  Several things: a) middle child - he didn't give a shit about lots and b) age-wise (example: 10 / 14 - 14/18 - 22/26) we were opposites.  We were too close in age to be close and too far apart in age to be close.  By no fault of our own I've always been the least close to Colin.

So here's the thing.  Kristi has always given a shit about me.  Always.

When we were just kids - imagine Kristi having a learners permit - she'd come pick me up and take me to my cousins lacrosse games.  I thought I was so. fucking. cool.

My cousin Colin couldn't give two shits.  But Kristi always knew exactly where I was and what I was doing.  The other cousins Keith and Greg, they were a little all over the place but Kristi was a constant.  She treated me to getting my nails done, she let me hang out with her friends.  When I was in high school ad thought I was cool as fuck she didn't roll her eyes when I smoked cloves.  When my Grandpa died she supplied my favorite - Kahlua - and let me take shots in her car as we drove around in the neighborhood to escape the house.

Kristi is almost more my cousin than Colin.  When they got married I'd say, 'My cousins are getting married!'.  People would look at me askance and I'd have to laugh and explain.

Today when she teased me about not drunk blogging I thought, 'Damn. This chick gets me.'.  

Here's what else Kristi has done for me.  She's helped me get to know my cousin Colin.  They have three kids and I love going to their house and hanging out with the kids.  I love giggling with Colin when we watch the kids and its funny as hell.  I love waking up and having coffee with Kristi.  

One of the last times I was there Colin said, 'I hope you know you are always welcome and can stay as long as you want.'.  That's Kristi.  That's why she gets all my love.  

Kristi, love you lady.  You've done amazing things for this family - and for me.  I can't wait for you to visit!!!!!  Here's your drunk blog post - more to come - I absolutely promise!


**In the meantime, I've drunk texted every single sailor friend I fear not...people have heard from drunk Megan!!!!!!