This is where I had dinner last night - when I'm with a group of people I very rarely tell them exactly how much I hate cheesy pirates. Last night I did rant a little bit on my way into the restaurant. My friends just looked disappointed.....like, maybe she's not as salty as we thought she was. My little commercialism of piracy rant was definitely not well received. Strangely, I quieted right down - this is very unusual. I normally like to argue. I just felt so guilty! I know what you're thinking - Megan needs to mellow out - she feels guilty for going to a pirate themed restaurant?! What a weirdo. But, there you have it. So I promised myself I'd blog about it and post a piracy factoid. Did you know that the Maersk Alabama was targeted by pirates again this week?! Luckily the attempt was unsuccessful.

Recently, the sole surviving pirate of the Alabama's notorious attack was awarded 34 years in prison - IN THE USA!!!! Great....now we are feeding and clothing them....I'll be 64 when he gets out of prison.....I'll have worked for years, put my kids through college and will be struggling to pay off my house before I can retire - my 401k will be my sole income because there won't be any social security for me....why?! Because it all went to the care of a rotten Somali pirate!!!!