Home Is Where The Heart Is

Yesterday was one of those days.  The kind of day where you realize exactly how lucky you are.  The kind of day that gets you in touch with people you haven't talked to in forever.  The kind of day that leaves you feeling so blessed it's overwhelming. Growing up in Hilo the tsunami sirens were routine.  They go off on the first of the month at 1145 - it doesn't matter how many times you've heard it - it's always eerie.  When I was a four my Mom and I lived right on the beach.  A tsunami evacuation was ordered and the sirens started going off big time.  My Dad came with his Isuzu Trooper and helped us load up everything we owned.  We were just throwing things into the back.  The items we picked were totally random....my Mom threw all of her books in, photo albums, clothes, paintings.....you name it we threw it.  We went and spent the night at my Dad's house in Honomu - I remember staying up all night waiting to see what would happen.  I was still pretty young and so I was really worried that Honomu wasn't far enough away from the water (it's not really far way but it's all about the elevation).  After the all clear we had to go home and put all our stuff back on the shelves - but I wasn't really over it.  I had a lot of nightmares about big waves.  I would dream that I was at the beach getting chased up the hill by a tidal wave.  My Dad took to me to a mall kiosk that made shirts and had a custom shirt made for me that said "HONOMU - NO TIDAL WAVES"....it was pink with navy blue fuzzy letters.

As I watched the images of Japan all I could think was 'I can't imagine how scared those people are!'  I kept remembering how scared I was at four years old.  I've been through several earthquakes that didn't seem small at all (and were half the magnitude of yesterdays quake) - they leave you jittery and scattered!  Tsunami evacuations are no joke - and I haven't seen anything like a locally generated tsunami!  My heart is breaking for Japan.  The damage there is so extensive and catastrophic that I almost feel guilty for talking about Hawaii's Tsunami.  With that being said, home is where the heart is....I can't help but share some clips from the Big Island.

The tsunami that hit the Big Island was more destructive than the media has let on - and rightly so considering what is going on in Japan.  That being said, hotel lobbies were destroyed, beach side iconic restaurants are awash and marinas damaged.  Our very close families friends beach house was washed 50 yards away and broken into pieces - cute little Kapua house we'll miss you!!!!



This clip was taken hours after the initial tsunami.  The surges lasted for hours.  This is why it is not okay to run right down to the beach when a tsunami warning is issued!!!  To quote a friend 'did you see that lucky lolo hanging from one tree?!'




This clip is a time lapse of the initial wave surges - amazing.




Amateur photographs of some of the damage to Ali'i Drive.  Let's all count our blessings!  It could have been so much worse!




The islands can always count on Frank DeLima for a little smile.  When disasters strike the first thing everyone in Hawaii does is stock up on toilet paper and rice - I guarantee the grocery store is totally out.  Also, I'm so happy he made fun of the baboose who was still in the water!  You can't cure stupid.  (Also, if you have never heard a tsunami siren....see what I mean about being eerie?!)