Did it feel like a really loooong week? :: You need some Link Love!

Here are some things I LOVED this week!


Nothing feels better than salty hair!  Sometimes after a long day at the beach I delay my shower as long as possible because I love that crunchy salty feeling :)

I've seen some totally cool tree houses in Hawaii - Waipio Valley has a tree house bed and breakfast.  These tree houses put the houses I've seen to shame!!  Some of them are inspiring!

I can't believe I'm about to admit this....but, my Dad is a minister.  The worst part is that I know diddly squat about the bible.  Seriously, I score terribly in the bible literacy department!  I ran across this group of nerdy jewish boys - they sing acapella songs about bible stories.  I felt like I came away a little bit bible smarter!  I don't really think I'd rock out to them on a routine basis....none the less rock on maccabeats!

I ran across a website called 'thoughtcatalog'.  I really liked it - it was offbeat and slightly 'off color' (that's my way of warning you that it's not for everyone....but I have a warped sense of humor).  When I logged on this morning it listed five things to do on a sunday - hallelujah!

Everyone has had that moment when they think 'I told you so, I told you so, and now you have to pay'!  These 'Dear Blank' letters totally cracked me up.

Of course I love this!  Sailing your boat metaphor?!  Sign me up!

Indiefixx posted a link about special collections.  I LOVED all the beach glass!  (Random tidbit:  I have jars and jars of beach glass - and while I hate it when people leave their beer bottles at the beach I always secretly hope that they become beach glass.....and I wish more beer companies bottled beer in cobalt and purple bottles :)  how about pink?!  I really need some pink beach glass!)  After oohing and aahing over the beach glass I followed the link to Jennifer Steen Booher's Etsy shop Quercusdesign.  I loved her beach combing photographs.  I especially love that she is from Bar Harbor, Maine.  I took a peek at her blog - which was like a little fix of Maine - no wonder I love her!

The little old ladies at my church can make butter out of any fruit imaginable.  I think the yummiest fruit butters for sure come from Hawai'i.  My best friend just gave away Lilikoi Butter as her wedding favor...yum-o!  That being said, I ran across a collection of butters & curds.  If I was home I'd be making fruit butter.  (How disgusting is the word curd?!  It sounds repulsive....if you asked me if I wanted to eat a curd I'd have to say no thank you.)

Sadly, I didn't take too many photos this week.  I'm about to check out a bike and go on a photo safari :)