Cereal For Dinner

I complain about the food on ships more than I should.  I know that compared to my friends in the International fleet I'm eating quite well.  But still, I grouse.  Mostly it's because I grew up eating tons of fresh fruits and vegetables and it's a shock to my system when I have to go without them. 

I've written about how we have an industry wide problem with unfit sailors.  I've also written about efforts I've taken to provide myself with some roughage (although when I went back and looked at the photos I thought - Megan, these are awful!  Indeed...I must have been in a rush.  Also, my friend Ari was 100% correct in saying that I should just get some spirulina - I got some 'superfood' while in San Diego and it makes my smoothies much easier to make - the frozen spinach was a dud.)

After writing both posts I had friends inquire, 'yah, but is the food THAT bad or are you a snob?!'.  This is a fair question.  So last night, when I saw my plate - I documented it - you decide.   

There were two entrees.  The first was 'peppered steak'.  This was essentially lunch meat (like you would find on a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich) which was sauteed with some onions over a huge mound of spaghetti.  The second option was 'Salmon'.  This was a piece of Salmon completely drenched in a lemon sauce.  I believe the sauce was actually lemon pie filling from a can which was watered down.  I also had some tomato soup.  Now, this was a left over bowl of soup from lunch that I had set aside for myself but, I'm pretty sure it was turning.  So I had a bite and stopped eating.   

We are on day 20 something from our last port of call which means, there are no fruits and vegetables.  We've eaten them up. 


I had honey bunches of oats for dinner.