Lets use our imaginations.

California Backyard.JPG

 Doesn't this look like a good place to sip coffee and enjoy the morning?  Doesn't this look like a good place to enjoy a big lovely salad in the afternoon sun?  Doesn't this look like a good place to string twinkly lights and grill with friends?

Today is the kind of day that requires a healthy imagination.  When my sea days drag I just imagine my vacation because that's the reward - time to do the things I love.   Lets imagine together.


Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.
— Unknown
California Rose.JPG

Lets stop and smell some roses.  Lets go thrift shopping with friends.  Lets hold warm mugs with cold fingers.  Lets wear sunglasses on cloudy days.  Lets dress up and go to the grocery store.  Lets take our cameras on a walk around the block.  Lets paint our toenails pink.  Lets have breakfast for dinner.  Lets decide to enjoy ourselves.