Concrete Memories

My Step Dad is really into memory making these days.  I know that sounds a little goofy but, I actually mean that quite literally.  He'll say, 'Mei, I think you need to come help me do this....someday you're going to wanna say you helped....we're making memories!'.

The 'side-yard' has been an ongoing household project.  (When I say ongoing I mean....we've been working on it for years...)  Johnny (he'd be my Step Dad) has been making concrete pavers, he's been eradicating the 'yucky grass' and cultivating his favorite type of grass, he's been building rock walls and most importantly carefully cultivating orchids.  

Every weekend he makes three pavers - which is exactly one wheelbarrow full of concrete - and last weekend he absolutely insisted that I help him.  Which sounded like this:  'but Mei, you'll be soooo sad if someday you can't say you made some pavers....we're making memories!'.

Out into the yard I went to help shovel some concrete and then use the mag float to smooth the surface....but basically I just took pictures of Johnny making pavers.....

Concrete memories being made.

Concrete Memories In The Making.

Concrete Memories In The Making.