I WAS IN CRETE! A little background info….I have a super cool aunt (her name rhymes with Heron – that will have to do until I think up a better code name).  When I was growing up she would gift me magazine subscriptions.  I got American Girl, Highlights, Ranger Rick….but the one I got that was right up my alley was called ‘new moon’.  It was a little hippie trippie (or maybe it would be better to say artsy fartsy) but, I was into horses and poetry and ‘using my imagination’ so it was right up my alley!  Anyway, there was a story in one edition where a girl gets ‘sent’ to ancient Crete.  Ever since I read that story I’ve had ideas about Crete….how cool it would be to go there…what it would look like…..what the people would be like….you get the idea.

The long and short of it is – It was nothing like I imagined!  This usually is the case when you’ve been given enough time to build something up in your mind.  That being said, it was quaint and pleasant.  There were tons of tourists!  The food was delicious!  The weather was great!  It just didn't feel as 'ancient' as I thought it would....although in all fairness an afternoon ashore doesn't allow for in depth exploration.  Also, the weirdo in me just didn't think the picture taking was all that great.  Italy spoiled me!  All in all it was an excellent day ashore....and I'd go back in a heartbeat!