M.L.I.S.W. - Battered Men

About 0200 in the morning I have Rhianna playing in the background on the bridge....  

ME:  What do you guys think about the whole Rhianna  /  Chris Brown thing?

AB 1:  He's a douche bag

ME:  Yeah, but don't you think she played a part in it all?

AB 1:  You NEVER hit a girl

ME:  Yeah, but she hits him too....

AB 1:  Right, but he's a MAN....what are you saying?!

ME:  I'm not saying it's okay to hit women...I'm just saying she is equally abusive....

AB 2:  Listen, there are A LOT of battered men out there!

ME and AB1:  (Chuckling)

AB 1:  Battered men?!  Listen, just because I'm not going to hit a woman doesn't mean I'm going to stand around to get hit!

AB 2:  What are you going to do if someone kicks you in the nuts?!

AB 1:  How does that happen?!  They have to come at you from the front!

AB 2:  Listen...them sumbitches can sneak up on you!

AB 1:  They're coming at you from the FRONT!

AB 2:  You're not looking at their FEET!


*Clearly, AB 2 has had a woman kick him in the nuts.....works every time ;)