Damietta, Egypt :: Welll......

Damietta, Egypt might've been my most challenging port ever. Part of the challenge is its proximity to the Suez Canal.  The Suez Canal is crazy.  It's an incredibly long day with a lot of curve balls thrown into the mix.  Upon exiting the Canal it's about 4 hours to to port of Damietta.  This leaves very, very little time for recovery before another onslaught of curve balls heads your way.

While I may complain about my job to anyone who'll listen I don't actually want to lose it.  Which means, I can't tell you too many specifics about why this last port stay was so challenging.  What I will say, is that it involved mechanical failure of cranes, a pesky port authority and in general, pure unadulterated chaos.

To be quite honest, I wanted to skim over this port on the blog and pretend that it had never happened.  The problem is, we just completed our heaviest lift to date - 310 tons!  I couldn't not show off the lift!!!!

This lift is a generator that is being returned to the manufacturer under warranty (I mean, you all didn't really think that Damietta is producing generators, right?!).

Of course, I don't have only one photo!  I took a bunch of crappy iPhone photos for your enjoyment!

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