Endings & Beginnings


What's an ending if not a beginning?  You really don't need to be an expert on life to have that one figured out.

When I was displaced from my vessel it felt like a premature ending.  Within days of getting the news I had a huge surge of energy and it prompted to me to start my own business.  I figured there wouldn't be a better time to put some of my energy into something that would belong to me in the long run.

I filed the paperwork to set up my LLC, designed a website for it and, told my friends throughout the industry that I was officially available for hire in areas other than deep sea sailing.

I set myself up to offer maritime consultancy, surveying, inspecting, training and a whole slew of other services.

It's pretty exhilarating (*cough* nerve racking *cough*)!  While it's true that experience is on my side there is nothing like a new venture to get your blood going!

As fate would have it someone actually hired me - to survey / inspect my own ship.

I boarded my old girl as the sun was rising and greeted the foreign crew with a cup of coffee and set off to crawl around the vessel.  

I inspected cargo holds, ballast tanks, engine spaces - you name it and I probably took a photo of it.

As I left the vessel to head home and write a condition survey report I said one last good-bye and then I got in my car and did a little happy dance.

I've officially christened my own company.


(to be clear - I'm still looking for a job that will take me back to sea - I'm hoping to develop this new venture further during my vacations and as the years go by)