Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Nautie Mermate Land! I've been silently working on a new look for my internet home.  What do you think?

There are still changes to be made - and they'll be made live and on the fly - so please be patient if things are not loading properly.  Also, please feel free to give feedback!  I know that somethings are slightly off (as in the font) but, hopefully the kinks will be worked out soon.  If you notice errors feel free to drop me a line - as a comment here or as an email ( - please also include what type of computer you have (mac or pc) and what browser you're using (explorer, safari, firefox, etc.).

I'm very, very excited about the new look!  A huge shout out to Lauren of Windward Webdesign.  She has answered countless emails and has sat very patiently at her desk while I sit next to her whimming and wahhing.  Huge Mahalos!