Novorossiysk :: A Winter Wonderland

While we were in Novorossiysk they were absolutely getting dumped on by snow.  I almost didn't go ashore....because it was really, really coming down.  But then I thought, 'Megan!  You are in RUSSIA!  GO!'....and so I went.....AND IT WAS FUN! We got very, very lucky and were berthed very close to the downtown area.  This is highly unusual when dealing with tanker terminals - you're normally in the middle of an industrial wasteland.  It was about a 15 minute walk into the heart of the city so, I bundled, bundled, bundled and trekked into town.

The locals were LOVING their snowy day!  I couldn't quite figure out if they don't get snow very often or if they just loved snow.  I have a feeling it was a bit of both.  There were tons of parents playing in the snowy parks with their kids, teens out on photo safaris, and just people on the snowy sidewalks enjoying a stroll.

We walked along a very nice promenade that wrapped around the waterfront - which provided a great view of our ship as well as their maritime museum which included an old warship.  There were a couple of really beautiful bronze statues one of a woman and child waving to a distant ship and another of a woman who looks like she's blowing kisses (or in this case snow) towards the seashore.

There was a large square full of trees and benches and fountains that were absolutely white washed - and full of people.  I'm telling you, the Russians like the snow.

Also, for the record the snow was good snow.  You know...the clean, crispy, white kind?  Not the kind thats been around for days and is brown on top with doggy pee holes in it.  I actually ate a bite of this snow.......that's how clean it was!

In a Nutshell: 

Snow + Russians in the snow + Russians shoveling snow = FUN





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