Friday = Link Love

Admittedly today's link love is mostly for the ladies - I've been reading a lot of style and fashion blogs...and I've also been reading a lot of blogs written by kickass girls... If I was funny this is the kind of funny I'd want to be:  CAFFEINATE ME

If I was going to describe all my besties in three words they would be:  Smart Pretty and Awkward

I've always wanted to host a beautiful tea party with fancy teacups and cupcakes - plus she posts lots of pictures of flowers....I love flowers....

If I was getting paid to take photos these are the kinds of photos I'd like to take - today's sunshine photos made me sigh - check out 6 petals for great design ideas.

Just a friendly reminder that we are responsible for our decisions.....

I wore a pair of red sandals with a heel this week...I had to remind myself how to walk in heels.....

I swear I've never heard of the color 'honeysuckle' - apparently it's the color of the year!

I love of my favorite things to do is snip words out of magazines and tape them to things...taking photos of the things I've taped words to is a really good idea!!!

Enjoy!  *and feel free to give me feedback - you likey?*