Word Junkie

In yesterdays link love I shared a posting from Shutter Sisters where the author described herself as a 'word junkie'.  I had an aha! moment.  That's what I am!  I'm a word junkie! One of my best friends and I took a trip together to Paris - she taught me hands down my best travel secret.  She had a little pouch full of tiny art supplies....it didn't take much room and she kept it in her purse with her Moleskine.  As we tooled about the city she would find cool things and cut them up tape them up and glue them up into her journal - and then she'd write a bit about them.  I copy just about everything this chick does because I find her ridiculously cool.  So now I have my own pouch (I've upgraded a few times over the years but have settled on a velvet pouch made by MOTH that I bought on my first solo trip - to New Zealand....sigh...I love it there - I love this pouches mermaid colors).  I keep mini colored pencils, an uhu stick, mini scissors, a chop for stamping letters that I got in Singapore, tape and a bunch of other crap.  I keep it with my Little Book of Happiness and my journal.

Since I'm going to be here in Florida for so long of I've modified my system.  I went out and got some really cheap cork board squares and push pins.  As I cut things out of magazines (just random words that I like, photos that catch my eye, etc. I pin them to the boards around my 'dressing table'.  This way I read my words and see my colors every morning before I head to class.

When I switch words out I place the old words into a manila folder.  The magazine scraps eventually get used for collages or if I really love the words then they get taped into either my Little Book of Happiness or my Journal.  I have two manila folders - one is colorful and contains my schedule...sometimes I tape words onto my calendar if I think they will help motivate me - the other one is black and white....this folder is strictly for magazine snippets.

So there you have it.  I'm a word junkie - but hey, at least I have a system!