Gibraltar :: The Monkeys!




This was HANDS DOWN my favorite part of the Gibraltar tour.  I've been going through my photos of monkeys for days and days and days.....I couldn't narrow it down!  I finally decided to post every photo that was even quasi decent.

Now, technically the monkeys aren't monkeys - they're apes.  But when I think ape I think Gorilla...and these monkeys were small enough to sit on your head....I know because the monkeys sat on my head!  SERIOUSLY.

When you get to the 'top of the rock' there is a large monkey population.  They are probably the largest tourism draw on the island - and they know their business.  They steal things from you...jump on your tour van and grab the wheel....steal treats from your driver....pounce on your head when you aren't looking....pounce on your back and crawl up to your shoulder so that your tour guide has to feed them to make them happy...I'm telling you, they know their job...which is...entertain the tourists damnit!

When we got to the tippy top of the rock their was a little family a Mom, Dad and two babies.  Ridiculously cute.  The Mom was picking lice out of the Dad and the babies were playing nearby.  One of the babies comes over to bother the parents and the Dad literally swats him away and makes a face!  Ha!  Then the babies move further away and start mock fighting with eachother.  It was awesome. 

I also really liked the mom with her baby playing with a discarded plastic bag.  They looked so lovingly at eachother!

Big Papa sleeping near the swings kinda cracked me up....he was probably the biggest monkey I saw.

I have a bunch of photos of the monkeys scaring the crap out of me as the pull my hair and sit on my shoulder...sometimes dragging my shirt off my shoulders....risque little monkeys!

This is the last of my Gibraltar series but, if you ask me, I saved the best for last!  (The Mom, Dad and babies were my favorite....)

Which ones were your favorites?!

(Don't forget you can easily scroll through this gallery by clicking on an image - there are about fifty so you'll need to open tabs 1,2 and 3....)

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