It will be RUNG!

Last year I welcomed in the new year by trekking down to Kalapana to play with the lava.  It was strangely appropriate - along with the fiery flow you get new life.  Fresh new land and a chance for baby ferns to take root. For the past few days I've been thinking very hard about the past year.  What were my 2011 successes?  Which parts of the year am I wishing I could change?  Did I meet my goals?  There are some resounding YES's!  The Yes's make me feel tingly and proud however; I didn't meet all of my goals.  I feel some disappointment which I find frustrating.  I think maybe I'm being a little hard on myself....but the disappointment makes me think that maybe this year requires a more calculated approach to goal meeting.  Maybe the disappointment means that I should spend more time contemplating my last 12 months so that I can set more realistic goals.

I had big plans for a post to ring in the new year however; the plans have been put on hold due to loading cargo, 12 hours between ports, discharing cargo and tank washing.  Which leads me back to the whole realistic goals idea....

There will be more to come - I may ring the new year in a little late but, it WILL be RUNG darnit! 

I hope that all of you Nautie Friends and Family have a smashing New Years!  I am so excited to be ringing in the New Year with you all!