2011 Best.

What better way to ring in the new than pay homage to the old?


I rang in the new year by flying to Florida and taking all the classes required to upgrade to Chief Mate!  I managed to get a few good beach days in and met tons of new friends!



After completing all my classes I submitted my application to sit for my exam and flew home to wait it out.  I decided since there wasn't enough going on that I better get all four wisdome teeth removed.  What the hell was I thinking?!



While still recovering from the most pain my mouth has ever experienced I moved out of my lovely little Hilo Hale (Hilo House) and headed to the East Coast!  (I should really say that my Mom and Aunties moved me out of my house while I tried not to cry on the couch.)  I really didn't feel like leaving once it was time to go - insert semi-sad face.



I flew back to Florida where I studied my Patooty off for two and half weeks before sitting for my Chief Mates Exam (which may in fact have been the most stressful thing I've ever done).  Meet Megan the Nautie Chief Mate!!!!



Two days after passing my Chief Mates exam I joined a new ship.  I missed my old ship dreadfully (I had been there for three years!).



 The great thing about my new ship was a whole new set of ports.  Being able to visit the Parthenon while in port was fantabulous!



 After documenting my sunrises since the creation of this blog I saw the most amazing sunrise on my way to the Azores.  I have never seen anything like it and the photos just didn't do it justice.  The way the colors banded across the sky blew my mind.  (By the way, the Azores were gorgeous.)



When I finished my rotation at work I flew to Maine instead of Hawaii.  I missed my old stomping grounds!  I bought a car found a house and visited, visited, visited!  The best part of being back in New England?  Friends with boats!



After enjoying a fun filled New England Fall, a bit of snow, a trip to Norfolk, VA to work in the corporate offices and a brief stint in Florida it was back to work.  Immediately upon my return to work I had my coolest day in port ever.  Can we say 'Holy Monkeys!'?!


Dec 21st


This year there were 271 posts!!  That means that I blogged 74% of my days - Thank you Nautie Friends for sticking with me!

I'm excited about what the New Year has to offer and can't wait to take things up a notch!