M.L.I.S.W :: Love Potion

I'm sitting at the computer doing a little work when I begin tuning in to what my ABs are discussing on watch.... AB1:  You need to get a jar and put some gold and a leech in it.

AB2:  What kind of gold?

AB1:  Gold!  Gold!

AB2:  What, like a chain?

AB1:  Yes!  Gold!

AB2:  mmmm

AB1:  You take out the jar and you bury it.  At sunset!  You leave it there for 40 days.

AB2:  40 days?!  That's over a month!  I'll already be dead!!!!!!

AB1:  After 40 days you dig it up.  There will be like an oil in there.

AB2:  Well, what about my chain? 

AB1:  It's gone!  The leech ate it!

AB2:  How the hell am I going to find a leech?!  It's going to bite me to shit!

AB1:  You just need to get that leech....don't you have any rivers or something?

AB2:  I don't want a bite....

AB1:  Well, when you dig up the jar you'll be glad you did it.  A jar, some gold and a leech.

ME:  (at this point I had to pipe up)  What the hell are you guys talking about?

AB1:  Magic oil from a jar, some gold and a leech.

ME:  I get that but, what do you do with the oil?

AB1:  You rub it on you.

ME:  Yeah...but, what does it do?!

AB1:  It's a love potion.

AB2:  Shiiiiit....get outta here.

AB1:  You gotta be careful - it can be dangerous.

AB2:  Dangerous?!

AB1:  Yes.  You put it on and then people are deadly attracted to you.

AB2:  Why is that dangerous?

AB1:  Well....they're attracted to you!

AB2:  Well what about your Mom or Sister?!

ME:  Well....you wouldn't touch them right?  Because that would be weird....

AB1:  First you need to know the poem cause you have to say it when you bury the jar.

AB2:  Shhhiiiiitttttt.

AB1:  Yeah, the poem is the secret.

AB2:  Whats the poh-eem.

AB1 / ME:  chuckling at AB1s pronunciation of the word poem

AB2:  I know I say it weird!  I'm from the South, alright?!

AB1:  Listen, just do it.  You need to get that jar buried with the leech!  You'll be glad you did.

ME:  I realize that sometimes my life is so weird and figure I better get back to work and tune them back out.