A Very Cretan New Years!

We pulled into Souda Bay, Crete on New Years Eve.  We were met with fog, rain and snow on the mountains.  It looked like winter!


Welcome to Crete!


After a watch full of hooking up hoses, commencing discharge, blabbity blabbity, I took a nap and went ashore to ring in the New Years!

It was back to Chania (I was lucky enough to get ashore here during my last rotation).

My favorite area is the old harbor.





I learned that Chania had once been under Venice's rule (from about 1212 lasting 4 centuries).  This certainly explains the Venitian architecture and artistic influences. 




After walking around the town for a bit I ended up in an alley that was strung with colorful glass lamps.  Every single lamp was a different design - some were quite colorful and almost all of them were fairly ornate.  I kept cruising around and ended up  finding an aparment that had its door wide open.  I'm not sure if it was an open house or if they simply wanted people to take a peek and wish to stay.  It was a studio apartment that was adorable



 After beeboping around for a bit it was time to have some food!  Lets order every appetizer!  Is there a better way to eat when travelling?  I think the Saganaki might be my favorite - tomato with feta warmed up and spread on bread ours had shrimp and prawns in it...yum-o!  (The stuffed grape leaves take a close second.)



Back to work after having such good food isn't easy!  It's also very hard to wake up at midnight if you've spent your afternoon ashore - ha!

Leaving Souda we watched the sun set behind her.  All in all it was a pretty lovely way to spend the New Years!