January 4th

It's been an incredibly long few days. We've loaded, discharged, washed tanks, gas freed the tanks, entered the tanks to sump them, re-inerted the tanks and proceeded to anchor to discharge our slops.  Later today we'll head to the dock to load our freshly washed tanks (wait, we had to clean them just to get them dirty?!).

After a few days of less than necessary sleep I find it hard to even take a shower before crawling in the rack.  Sometimes I shower and don't wash my hair because I'm too lazy to raise my arms over my head - how ridiculous is that?  (If I'm not finding time to wash my hair it means I'm certainly not finding time to post pictures....sorry Nautie Friends!)

I'm on my fifth cup of coffee and I'm rocking out to some Florence + The Machine.  Florence has been my saving grace...she gets me moving.  I'm about to scrub my charts to get them ready for the next voyage and hopefully I'll find time today to replace my burnt out port sidelight (wait, isn't that what cadets are for?!).

Let's all raise our coffee cups to long days, good music and crisp Mediterranean winters!!