good morning!

I must say, it felt a little strange to not post a Mettle Maker today. The day before I found a ship I looked at my Auntie Noni and said, 'I swear, I better find a ship soon because I'm really tired of posting Mettle Makers!'...and then here I am feeling all nostalgic. 

I'm snuggled up, reading blogs, scratching puppies and drinking coffee. It feels so nice to relax and know that I can just sit here and feel lucky. I have a few days before hitting the gangway and I'm soaking it up. 

I'm not totally sure what the situation will be onboard - as in:  is it conducive to blogging at sea. Gosh, I really hope so!  If not, we'll have to figure something out... 

Hope you found a few moments to relax this morning!