Mettle Mission :: I Found a Ship!

I Found A Ship!

Honestly, the way I found a ship was a bit of a miracle.  I drove across the country on a whim thinking, 'California might have something for me'.  I spent one day sniffing around and then - Boom!  A ship!  I had honestly been expecting to be here for about a month and a half.  I was prepared to pick up some small jobs on the side and then wait for a chance at a deep sea job.

My mind felt blown but mostly, I just felt so blessed.  Here I am, not out of money yet, living with the best kind of family friends, eating yummy salads at candlelit picnic tables, walking dogs and talkin' story, getting so lucky and snagging amazing jobs.  Crazy blessed.

I'm officially in 'whirling dervish' mode.  Running errands, making last minute phone calls, meeting for bubbly with friends, repacking my sea bag and you know....drinking coffee and then instagramming it.

I'll be checking in here and there but, I expect things will be a little quieter than usual...

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