Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It is not happy people who are thankful; It is thankful people who are happy.  -Unknown.


I'm thankful that I'm from a place where you can watch lovely ladies dancing hula, spend a day on a beach with your Mom and not see another soul, and buy anthuriums for 2 dollars a bunch.



I'm thankful that I survived Florida (it wasn't the beaches that required surviving - it was the stability)...and that I now hold an unlimited tonnage Chief Officers license!  Yippee!



I'm thankful that I have friends who know how to put lobsters to sleep and love bonfires and as much as I do!



I'm thankful for my job - and the glorious sunrises - they'll never get old (I'm also thankful that I haven't hit a fishing boat).



I'm thankful for fall leaves, fresh cider and L.L.Bean boots.



I'm especially thankful for my family.  Thank you for cutting down my bananas, going out for lunch on my birthday and sitting outside in the pouring rain, and having crazy dogs who like to kiss me awake in the morning when I visit.



I'm also sill thankful for everything I was thankful for last year!


What are all of you thankful for?!