In the midst of the gloom...

In the midst of yesterdays gloom I ran across a post on facebook - it was a link posted by a friend. This is a youtube video of two of Hilo's most beloved citizens.  The Zane's.  While they have no idea who I am I of course know who they are and have followed their work / designs.

They are completely responsible for my favorite Hawaiian fashion designs.  Sig Zane of Hilo.  Whenever I can buy my Father and Aloha Shirt - this is where I go.  Whenever I want a comfortable organic cotton shirt - this is where I go.  Whenever I'm home in Hilo and want a taste of tropical elegance - this is where I go.

In the video they (father and son team) speak of their inspiration - Moku o Keawe - The Island of Hawaii.

I realize that a lot of this video will go over most of your heads (no offense)....but what won't go over your heads is the passion these gentlemen feel for their home and their roots.  I think that is something that most of us can relate to.

When I watched this yesterday I felt like I had been given a shot of home in the arm.  In addition to your lovely comments on friendship it was exactly what the doctor ordered.