Home Sweet Hilo

If there is a reason you haven't heard from me in a few days it's this right here....

home sweet hilo

I'm Home In Hilo.

I think if I hadn't made it home I'd be in a fetal position on my Life Coach's office.

How's that for a Going Nomad affirmation?  I had to go home or I might freak out (heh heh).

In reality, I came home to take care of some business but, going for morning swims, having lunch with old friends and attending a baby luau are some serious perks.

There's been yoga and water aerobics and fresh fruit smoothies.

I know I sound like a little Braggy McBraggersins but, truly, when I think about what relaxes me and fills me up simultaneously, and then realize how closely it's connected to where I'm from and who I'm with I realize that I hope others feel the same way.

I hope you all look out your windows in the morning and think yep, life is good.  I hope you eat something fresh and locally grown and think yep, life is good.  I hope you can't wait to meet up with your friends.  I hope you sit around and chat (ahem, gossip) and think yep, life is good.

I hope your home is sweet.