Instagram Confessions

Confession:  I'm kinda one of those people who pick only the best parts of their day on instagram aaaannnddd, I'll take this one step further to say I sometimes semi-pose things to make sure they're 'instagram worthy'.  

Now, I know I'm not the only person doing this but, one thing I really appreciate in life is a little transparency.  I don't totally have my shit together - and I don't expect you to either!  Win-Win!

In an effort to provide a little transparency (especially since the blog has been light and my instagram feed has been heavy of late) I'm gonna tell all.

....annnd now.....for the rest of the storrrryyyy....

I went out to take this photo - because really I don't have too much to photo at sea.  White caps and Coffee.  The highlights of my day.  As soon as I went out to snap a photo the wind whipped all the froth off my coffee and straight onto my jacket.  I was a total flipping mess!

I took the photo on the left - and then decided my leg looked fat and white - so I took the photo on the right.  Then, I didn't post either one because I was scared someone would ask me about FitMermate and my exercise intentions.  I'm like an ostrich with my head in the one can see me not exercising out here if I don't post it on instagram!

I may have mentioned that I never went ashore in Japan....I slept instead.  That being said, I posted this photo of our approach to Yokohama with pretty clouds.  In actuality I was bundled up on the bow because it was raining and I was semi miserable.  I docked the ship, got off watch, ate and slept.  Total false advertising.

Alright, I know I already posted a coffee photo but, this photo took me about 6 tries.  I had to take many, many photos individually and then pick two that I wanted to marry.  Then I tried many, many times to get just the right border with my A Beautiful Mess app.  Time consuming would be an understatement in this case.  Incidentally, if you want to get more followers on instagram hashtag #aeropress.  No lie.  Coffee Lovers Unite!

I've got more where these came from.  I'm thinking I'll save them for later.  I mean, we should be honest more than just once in a while, right?

In the meantime, you can find me on Instagram:  @nautiemermate  - Instagram has become something I love - a source of inspiration, aspirations and what ifs.  Find me so I can find you!