Confession:  When I left on this road trip taking I-10 from Houston to Los Angeles (and then I-5 from LA to SF) I thought it was going to be the most boring trip ever.  I was so, so, so wrong.  I can't wait to do it again!  

I felt like I just kept seeing beautiful land and sky scape after beautiful land and sky scape.  I saw cloud formations that I've only read about in text books.  I saw plants and flowers that I had never seen before.  The colors of the rock formations.  The blue, blue sky.  Just all of it.

There was a point in Arizona and Southern California where I thought, 'more cacti?!  really?!  give me a green hill!!!!' but, other than that it was gorgeous.  

Next time I plan on making more stops along the way and taking my time.  I did this trip in two days which I majorly do not recommend.  I drove 17 hours the first day and 15 hours the second day (those times include stopping for gas and pee breaks).  I was on a mission!  Realistically, it wasn't very fun and too much to be considered a good idea.  

Somewhere along the way on day one I decided that I was going to stop as many times as I wanted to take photos - I decided that it was going to be an epic photo safari.  I've got tons of photos to share with you!

I'm settling into California and will get some pictures up here soon!

In the meantime...some Arizona Cacti!