I painted my kitchen pink!

A couple days ago I posted photos of my kitchen. It is hands down the room in the  house that bugs me the most. It was just bland. Everything was the same color.  

Overall my theme downstairs is 'hipster beach cottage'. It kind of developed organically. I didn't set out for beach cottage. Or hipster. But, since my kitchen was driving me nuts I decide to channel the hipster beach cottage and did a poor mans remodel! 

Just to refresh your memory. Here's the before: 

 Also, to be fair, it's a messy before

Also, to be fair, it's a messy before

Here's the after! 


Here's what I did: 

Painted it pink

Took down the exit guisher

Added a little print above the sink (I'll probably switch it out with something I love) 

Added a mat to break up the floor color matching the cabinets

Added some hipster #ohjoyfortarget vases 

Added some very 'college dorm-y' bulb lights that I LOVE


I also hung some paper lanterns that were left over from a party. They're admittedly too large - I'll probably switch them out.  

Lastly, I put a little table between two chairs I had on hand to make a little seating area. These chairs have been around since I was a kid. They need a painting but in the meantime I love that they're at my house. They also kind of highlight my bottle collection (I've dug up all these bottles in my backyard!).  


All in all, I'm very, very pleased. It says 'Megan the Nautiemermate' for sure.  

The photos above were taken at night time when the kitchen had lights hung and was all glowy.  


This is what it looked like pre-lights looking towards the living room. (Also, I'm in love with my bar cart...) 

Looking from the living room - with no other lights on in the house.  


There you have it. Casa de Mermate!