I'm about to talk politics. Turn away if you can't handle it.

I'm voting for Hillary Clinton because she's a woman.  Boom.  I said it.

She has a point.

A variation of this NY Times article was published in our local paper.  It really made me stop and think about the generational gap in feminism.

When I first got out of school and started working in a male dominated industry I absolutely would have told you that I was treated the same as men and that there was no downside to being a woman on a ship.

People would always ask me, 'is it hard being the only female aboard?'  I'd almost always say no.  

You know what happens when you get older?  You realize things you didn't realize when you were younger.  I mean, duh, right?

Sometimes, I look back at things that were said to me or done to me and I think, 'holy crap! how did I let that stand?!'.  I didn't know any better.  Of course it was hard sometimes to be the only female onboard!

These women who feel so secure in their womanhood, who think that it's best to vote for someone on merit and not because of their gender, they're younger than they know.  Have they had to pay for child care because our maternity leave policies are wiggidy whack?  Have they been taught to negotiate a salary?  Are they fully aware of what their male counterparts are earning?  DO THEY CARE ABOUT HOW UNDER REPRESENTED THEY ARE?!  

Let's be honest, when the Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau made his cabinet fifty percent women and answered criticism with the line, 'because it's 2015', he had the right of it.     

Sure, mass assumptions are terrible, I am positive that some women are voting for Bernie Sanders because they believe in his policies.  Good for them.  He's still just another old white dude.  

Is Hillary a saint?  Nope.  She's a politician.  Wanna know why she has more scandals than other candidates?  Because she's been playing the game a lot longer.  Ahem.  That's also called paying her dues.

I'm with Madeleine Albright.  I can tell the story about how I climbed the ladder.... and guess what?  It's not done.

I'm voting for Hillary because she's a WOMAN and she's EARNED this and WORKS HARD and because IT'S NOT DONE.

BECAUSE IT'S 2016!!!!!