A Kitchen Snap Shot

Here's what I've never mastered:  eating healthy at sea.

The way I make up for it is by eating really healthy when I'm home.

This used to work just fine but, these days I can't shed pounds when I hit land....and they've been stacking up.  

I've been working really hard on developing some habits that I can take to sea with me and, I'm also trying really hard to shed some pounds.

Yesterday, I mentioned my kitchen and some of you said....well, where is it?!

When I moved downstairs the thing I really didn't want to give up was my kitchen.  I love the kitchen I designed upstairs.  The downstairs kitchen is very utilitarian - no bells, no whistles, no fuss, no muss - and definitely no 'working triangle'.  It kind of bums me out sometimes but, when I start pulling out lots of colorful foods it gets a lot sunnier. 

  I've been doing a lot of juicing.  Also, there's my little coffee station!

My parents got this Champion Juicer as a wedding gift....which makes it 40 years old....it's crazy that they got divorced when I was 3 and sometimes I'm happy they got married just for this juicer (*wink*).  This thing is a beast.  I'd buy another one in a heartbeat.  

Here it is!  The crazy messy kitchen!  I have a couple plans for this kitchen.  I'd like to add some art.  I'd like to get a nice kitchen floor mat.  Maybe relocate the fire extinguisher.  

Anyways, after spending what felt like all day in the kitchen I had prepped my whole fridge.  I had roasted beets, chopped zucchini, squash, cauliflower and broccoli for roasting later in the week, hard boiled eggs, made some overnight oats, made a pot of quinoa, prepped veggies for snacking, juiced my carrots and celery and had seared some fish for salads.  (I know this seems like LOTS of food for one person but, I have company arriving tomorrow for a week!)  Here's a snapshot of my fridge - becuase you were curious, right?

Since we're talking about kitchens, food and culinary pursuits here are a couple things.

I made this vegan mac & cheese from A Beautiful Mess.  It was good.  Like yum-o good.

I've also been making a cocktail I love (wait what.  you're thinking, 'is she trying to lose weight and drinking?'.  just move on.).  It's cucumber vodka (but I think you could use regular vodka and muddle a cucumber) with ginger beer and lime.  A Moscow Mule with a twist.  Sometimes I also add a splash of coconut water.  mmmm.....

There you have it!

I'd LOOOOVVVVEEEEE to see what's in your fridges!

(also, thanks for the comments yesterday - they warmed me up)