I see a white light and I want to paint it red.

Do you ever look at people who 'Do It Themselves' and think, 'what the hell?!  How do these people have the time for Do It Yourself (DIY) projects?!'.  I think that.  I do.  I mean, I really do. Yesterday, I painted nav lights red.  With nail polish.  Why?  So that our bridge can stay light sensitive friendly!  As I was painting the bulbs I thought to myself, 'How is this not diy?!  This is totally diy!  Look at me rocking this diy project.....what a nautie badass!'.

A little background....at night on the bridge we use red lights. This helps preserve our night vision.  I need to be able to go into the chart room - see the chart - fix my position - and returned to the darkened bridge and be able to spot other vessels.  Your pupils need to get big and stay big.  Red lights make this happen.  I only had white lights. 

I tried to paint my white lights red.  I used spray paint - but it didn't hold up to the heat and when the bulb got hot it would peel and flake all over my chart table.  I tried a sharpie - it just wasn't dark enough - even with lots of coats.  Then I thought:  Nail Polish!

I went ashore in Spain (more to come on that...) and bought three nail polishes.  Only one of them worked. 

For the record:  Revlon polishes cannot sustain exposure to heat.  Who would have thought that?! 

I poked a hole in the bottom of a Styrofoam cup to hold my bulb upright and applied polish to the clear bulb - when it dried I screwed it in - and Voila!  A red light!

Consider this a Shipping Girls Guide to Nautie Projects.....that you can do yourself.....or assign to the cadet.....your call.