I See At Sea :: Days and Days of Sunrises

After days and days of drifting I've spent days and days scrambling......I know that I've said that over, and over again...but, I really don't like scrambling! I've kept my camera up on the bridge with me and I've been taking pictures every morning (and sometimes in the evenings when I've worked a FULL day).  My shipmates have figured out that I like sky photos and they've started taking pictures for me when I'm not on the bridge.  The photo of the sun sinking with the promise of a green flash is courtesy of a shipmate.  I'm always leery to leave my camera unattended...some day there will be some sick crotch shot for me to find later...but for now I'll count my blessings and take green flashes!  The Sea of Marmara had a lovely pastel sunrise.

Here it is days and days of sunrises...and a photo of our chart with our drift pattern charted....kinda cool.