M.L.I.S.W :: The Beach Boys

(This conversation ensued on bridge watch this evening after I started playing The Beach Boys....) *caution:  there is some swearing in the conversation below*

AB1:  Do you hear how these guys sound?

AB2:  Who?  The Beach Boys?

AB1:  Yah!  Listen to how they sound!

AB2:  Nice?

AB1:  No!  Like they're from California!!!!

AB2:  I guess....

AB1:  Everyone from California sounds the same!

AB2:  Really?

AB1:  Yes!  My kids sound just like this!

AB2:  Because you live in California?

AB1:  Yes!  We're victims!

AB2:  Ummmm......what?

AB1:  Victims!  I'm a victim!

AB2:  Let me guess.  A victim of society?

AB1:  That's right!

AB2:  And the world owes you something right?

AB1:  That's right!  I deserve something!

AB2:  LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING BROTHA!  THE WORLD DOESN'T OWE YOU SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (He's truly yelling this....it wasn't just caps lock for added emphasis...)

ME:  (sitting there silently thinking....really?!  from the beach boys to vicitims of society?!  now we're yelling.....how the hell did that happen?!)


ME:  Hey, AB1, I think it might be time for you to go on your round.

AB1:  Yeah, okay mate.....heading down....

(the door closes)

AB2:  These mothafuckas are crazy.  All of them.

ME:  (totally silent thinking....that's right....they're all crazy....)