I See At Sea :: Masculinity, Salads & Dead Birds

What I'd like to know is who names their ship the Masculinity?  I'm hoping that there is a sister ship named the Feminitity... *I actually Googled it.  There is no sister ship named the Femininity...*


I've been eating a lot of salads.  As in A LOT.  I bought myself a little rice cooker and I have been making Quinoa almost daily.  It's nice.  As in VERY NICE.


I hate finding dead birdies on deck.  Sadly, it happens often.  These little birds get a bit lost, land on the ship, and then I think their hearts just stop.  I can't tell you how many birds I've tried to rescue unsuccessfully.  


Have you guys been checking back in to the status of Fukushima?  You might want to.  Nothing is making main stream news BUT they haven't removed risk of radiation from our NavArea Warnings.  


There you have it folks.  Now you know exactly what I've been taking iPhone Pics of the last few days :)  *Upon re-reading this it seems slightly morbid - this was completely unintentional*