Writing Prompts.

I got a note from my Mother that said: that's all.... just your blog... that poor old dead birdie is getting a bit old .....

Seriously.  That was the whole email.

I responded with:


I'm just so futless.....

She shot me back a list of writing prompts.  I'm addressing them below:

Write about what you are reading...

I’m reading copious amounts of trashy romance novels.  My brain is practically mush.  It’s glorious.

Write about how you feel about the US going into Syria

I hope the US doesn’t go into Syria – my guess is that they won’t – because someone has finally asked the all important question…can we afford to go into Syria?  May I also interject that our peace loving President is edging ever closer to making an identical decision to the one he so highly criticized Bush for making – making decisions without hard evidence…

Write about what you want to be when you grow up

I’d like to be an adventurer when I grow up.  I’d like to laze around on beaches in Bali, interview monks in Tibet, ride along with commercial fisherman up in Alaska and go on a photo Safari in Kenya.

Write about what a great mom you have

My Mom really is great.  She has a 30 year old daughter that she still has to collect mail for.  She also flies to Texas to go to Ikea with me and stays silent and rolls her eyes when I say I need to get a coffee.

Write about where your ideal place to live is

My ideal place to live would be somewhere on the water.  I’d like to live somewhere  I don’t have to worry about finding work in – then I can just land somewhere beautiful and sigh and say, ‘this is home’.  That’s not asking too much is it?  I’d like to work remotely or travel for work or marry some rich bastard so we can hire a Nanny.

Write about going nomad

I want to go Nomad.  I’ve wanted to go Nomad for as long as I can remember.  I’ve never fully worked up the courage to get it out of my system and do it.  So instead, I move around all the time…which isn’t really the same thing.  A cute airstream trailer.  A tricked out truck.  A backpack and some cute accessories.  My camera.  A notebook and pen.  Wifi.  Mobility.  These things call my name more than I could ever possibly vocalize.

Thanks for the kick in the butt Mom!

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