In Memory Of

I decided years ago that when I die it will probably be because I have cancer.  I realize that this seems extraordinarily pessimistic.  Unfortunately, I can't avoid the fact that my Grandmother and all of her sisters died of cancer (as well as my Grandmothers parents).  Did you guys know that my Dad has survived cancer not once but twice?!  Two years ago I personally had my own brush with cancer.....small potatoes....and a story for a different time. While I have resigned myself to my fate - others have chosen to work hard and take a stand to promote positive change.  My cousin is biking in The Ride to Conquer Cancer - in memory of her Father (my Uncle John) and her Uncle.  I'm so incredibly proud of her.  I wrote about Rhiannon and her Father while reflecting on the year 2010 - please feel free to catch up here.

Rhiannon's hard work has made me realize that maybe I need to change my attitude.  That maybe if enough people change their attitude and work towards a common goal we (I) won't have to 'resign myself to my fate'.

Please visit Rhiannon's personal page to read a bit more about her and her goals.  You can also read about the team she'll be riding with.  If you're feeling up to it - throw a few bucks their way!  Like my Mom always can't receive anything if you've got your fist clenched tight!