Holy Crap-ola!

Yesterday I met up with my dear friend Lala (Yes!  She was a Travelin' Tootsie if you'd like to know more about her!) for a tour of her yacht. This was truly a life changing experience for me.  I realize that this sounds dramatic.....but it's true!  It really drove home the point that we (or in this case I) have options!  I don't have to work on a product tanker in the Persian Gulf.....I can work on a yacht in the Mediterranean instead!  I don't have to work on a ship that has a big fat hairy man cooking my food!  I can work on a mega yacht with a professional chef!

Walking around the yacht I realized that crew comfort is all about the little things....when you add them all up they equal BIG differences in crew morale!!!  The crew lounge had a jelly bean dispenser - yes, you heard me correctly....a JELLY BEAN DISPENSER!  There was a beautiful gym, a flat screen in every room, granite counter tops, a flower arranging station....and bottled Pellegrino!

Now I realize that work is still work...and butt heads are still butt heads....and that smiling at the guests all day long would eventually be exhausting however, I doubt that they spend too many days soaked in diesel with sweat running down their butt cracks - how was that for a visual?!  Am I getting my point across?!  I think that while work may always suck some work will always suck more!

Don't be surprised if you find out I've quit my job to go yachting!

Here come TONS of photos!!!!