Link Love :: Palm Sunday Edition

Watch your thoughts!  It's like the book The Secret....with some homework. I love garden fresh herbs.  Garden fresh herbs in alcohol....yes please!

My Body Likes....what an interesting definitely got me thinking about what my body likes.

I love local legends!  New Zealand has so much in common with Hawaii.  Pania of the Reef was a new one for me but she definitely caught my fancy.  Slightly mermaid-ish, no?

I'm not a player, I just blog a lot.  Amen sister.  I need one of these.

One of my favorite sites posted 'Currently Crushing: a man's perspective'.  I read through it and thought 'Maybe a gay man'!  I think you'll all agree that these items are hardly 'manly'.  Just sayin'......

Terrariums showed up twice this week....I love terrariums and even had one as a kid that thrived.  Check out some twists on the classic terrarium here and here.

I read this and cried out 'Hallelujah'!  I'm a huge supporter of the public school system.  I plan on sending my kids to one and wish more people shared my belief that public schools prepare children for life and quit throwing money towards a system which promotes a sense of entitlement.

This is my brain on fear.  I've been struggling with this myself as of late....I do plan on blogging about my own brain on fear ;)

Ahhh Facebook.  Such a love hate relationship!  I think this is a good set of Facebook guidelines.  I'm finally starting to grow a Facebook backbone.  I will un-friend you if necessary!  Take that!



I saved the best (or at least what were my ultimate favorites this week) for last:

Jay-Z interviewed Gwenyth Paltrow.  Several things....first of the interview here....she's mad cool.  Secondly, how wicked is his site Life + Times?!  Lastly, who knew Gwenyth Paltrow had her own site?  Check out I said....mad cool.