Pike Place Market

I've always found Pike Place Market in Seattle to be magical.  I make sure that I at least get a glimpse of it when I'm in the Pacific Northwest.  I grew up summering in British Columbia and so I was well acquainted with a summer time market place.  When I graduated from college I spent several months living with family in West Seattle...I was floundering....job hunting wasn't nearly as easy as I thought it was and they were kind enough to keep me warm :)  Being in Seattle in the fall and winter introduced me to a whole new side of the market.  Beneath the street side vendors is a network of curio shops, used bookstores and quaint places to stop for a nibble.  This was the first time I had ever seen the market in the spring!  Oh My!  The Flowers!  I had no idea!  That being said, I was absolutely unprepared for the throngs of people....it was majorly claustrophobic.  It was a gorgeously sunny day - apparently Seattle hadn't seen one of those in awhile - and the sunshine made everyone want to buy flowers (or fish, or veggies)!  This was also the first time I had ever taken a camera to the market - Big Bertha (my trusty Nikon D90) did right by me.....I just snapped away!