La Spezia :: Out and About.

This is actually my second time calling on the port of La Spezia, Italy.  I love repeat port calls.  Especially when the port is as cool as La Spezia!  The more you visit a port the better you get to know it - duh.  The better you get to know it the more efficient you are when you only have a few hours ashore!  Efficiency ashore is uber important.  After having a cup of espresso I managed to walk around the city, go grocery shopping, have dinner at a cute cafe, and buy a puff coat and some other cute accessories at Zara.  Three hours baby. Oh, and I also visited the tourist information center for an updated train schedule so that I could plan my adventures for the following day. 

One slight bummer is that everything shuts down between 1230 and 1530.  Which means, that for a large portion of my time ashore there was nothing open!  This didn't end up being too big of a deal because the restaurants stayed open and we were able to walk to the grocery.

It was great to get a second go at La Spezia - my first trip through was a bit of a whirlwind because I was getting relieved and flying home.  This time through I had nothing on my mind other than enjoying myself!