30x30 :: Drink a cup of coffee with no milk and sugar...in Italy!

On January 10th 2012 I drank black coffee.  In fact, I took it to a whole new level and had some espresso in Italy.  Oh snap! I got off the ship as quickly as I could in the early afternoon and spent about 3 hours ashore.  I told my cruising buddy, 'we have one mission....let's drink some espresso'!  He jumped right on the band wagon and we found a quiet cafe in which to partake.

We ordered two espressos and a pastry.

You know what?  It was disgusting.  You heard me.  Dis.gus.ting. 

It was just so strong....and bitter.  I kept thinking if only I could add a little milk and sugar to this...

Thank goodness we ordered the pastries!  We needed chasers!

What I will say is that the experience was lovely!  It came in cute little cups.  The wait staff looked at us like we were crazy Americans.  The place was pretty empty and then we sat outside anyways.  We got out our phones and cameras and documented the occassion.  Then we both cracked up because we agreed that it wasn't delicious at all.

After walking around town for a bit we had a nice meal....and get this....we did it again!  We guzzled our second espresso of the day!  Oh yeah, I'm an espresso bad ass.