Nautie Tidbits :: Oh, it's Wednesday....

  • Yesterday I was sitting on the train and I looked down at my watch and saw that it was Wednesday.  I immediately burst out laughing.  I was sitting with a shipmate - he of course looks over at me wanting to know what was so funny.  I said, 'It's wednesday!'....and burst into more giggles....because yesterday at the bottom of my post I said, 'Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!'.  Clearly, I've lost track of my days.  Ha.
  • I did an insane amount of walking yesterday and my legs are sore. 
  • I absolutely cannot wait to get my photos sorted so I can show you what I was up to yesterday!
  • This port call might be one of my all time favorites.  If I compiled a top five list yesterday would probably make it.
  • I'm discovering that after sailing for 6 years I have officially done the worst packing job EVER.  I don't have any of the basics for shore leave.  I didn't bring a backpack or a purse with a shoulder strap.  What the hell was I thinking?  I also didn't bring a jacket.  Again, what the hell was I thinking?
  • I have always found 'boat shoes' incredibly dorky however; I finally bought a pair after trying them on and realizing how insanely comfortable they are.  I think that they might be the ultimate shoe for quick treks out and about.  This may require a post all of its own.
  • I got a little sunburned yesterday while cruising around.
  • Italians seem very content.  The enjoy good food and good conversation.  I think that maybe I need to take some pointers and take my stressball level down a notch.
  • I'm preparing to get back underway today - the bridge is calling my name....'Megan, come organize me!'.


I've introduced a few new series - Nautie Tidbits - for when I have many random things to say!  Yesterday morning I introduced I See At Sea (Aunt Kay - lets rock those homonyms!) - I'm pretty sure the idea behind this series is self explanatory.